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The International Teacher is an online job listing service that brings a multitude of international school vacancies to your fingertips - saving you the hassle of searching and monitoring thousands of schools on a daily basis. - the government of Canada's website has a tonne of different resources, checklists, and travel tips. - is the leading international education and experiential travel resource. Includes a customizable search feature and directories for studying, working, volunteering, teaching, and obtaining a degree abroad.

Study Abroad Student Handbook at - great resource for several countries around the world, focusing on American students travlling abroad. Thorough checklists and a comprehensive listing of online resources to help with the move to Canada. - why study abroad, preparing to go abroad, packing lists, articles on culture shock, dealing with discrimination and coming home.

Cultural Shock at - description of the four stages of cultural shock along with symptoms, characteristics, and how to deal with each stage.

Study Abroad Safety Tips for Female Students at - here you will find safety tips for female students along with information about different countries and Consulates.

Reasons to Encourage your Children to Study and Live Abroad at - this article is written for parental audience. However, may be applied to oneself-10 reasons to study abroad.