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Harlow Experiences

Kate Baker - Fall 2007

As one of many English undergrads at Memorial University, I often felt lost in the crowd; disconnected and unmotivated academically. Attending the “Landscape and Literature” program at Harlow Campus was the best decision of my undergrad degree because it changed the way I felt about being a student. Many of my most important friendships were formed and many of my best papers were written during my semester at Harlow.

Meghan Keating - Fall 2007

It sounds cliche to say, but literally my entire life changed with my study abroad experience at MUN's Harlow campus. It solidified my decision to study English, I met some of my best friends in my program, and I even began my current relationship with a guy I met while studying there. My experience helped me come out of my shell and get involved in all aspects of university life.

It made me fall in love with Memorial University, and want to go and tell everyone about what an amazing opportunity we have available exclusively to us.

Jamie Piercey - Fall 2007

The thing about going to Harlow, if you've grown up in St. John's, is that once your flight takes off, you have thrown yourself into the world. You can choose to fear it or you can choose to embrace it, but what you can't choose is whether or not it changes your perception of that world and yourself within it. If you choose to embrace it, you should be prepared to experience the richest four months of your entire life.

Aaron Critch - Fall 2007

Visiting sites of great importance, whether historical, literary, political, or otherwise, instead of just reading what others have to say about them, is without a doubt the number one benefit of the Harlow experience. To say that Harlow changed my life would be an understatement - I found my passion and was inspired to undertake graduate studies in the UK in the same subject as my Harlow term!

Krysta Fitzpatrick - June 2008

Not many people can pinpoint the best day in their life, but I can. On June 11th, 2008 my class took a field trip from Harlow to the Hellfire Caves, located under the Chilternhills in Buckinghamshire. During that beautiful summer day in the English countryside I wandered through underground caves where the legendary literary club, the Hellfire Club, held meetings. I stood a top the Dashwood family church and looked down over their fantastic mausoleum, hills and mansion. I was surrounded by some of the best friends a girl could make on the most beautiful day you could ask for. When I think about my time in Harlow I think of that day and those people and I smile.