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Biometrics Clinic

Planning on working or studying (for 6 months or longer) in the U.K. in the near future or know someone who is?

If so you need to know that there will be a U.K. mobile biometrics clinic visiting Memorial University on March 6th, 2012. Please note that biometrics are not relevant to Canadian students going to study at Harlow for a semester. If you need a visa to work or study, make sure you check to ensure whether or not you need a biometrics as a part of the process. Typical rule of thumb is that if you are planning on working in any aspect while in the UK or studying longer than 6 months then you will require a visa which in turn means you will require the biometrics.


What is a biometric clinic?

It is a clinic where you will have digital fingerprints and photographs taken as a part of the visa process for the U.K.


Why should I be interested?

In November 2008, the U.K. Border Agency underwent a complete overhaul of their immigration system at which time they implemented biometrics as a part of their visa application process. The only physical locations in Canada to have this process completed are Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver or the mobile clinic that visits Halifax once a month. Your visa application will not be viewed until you have the biometric process completed. Without the mobile unit, you will have to fly to one of the previously noted locations to have the biometrics completed at your expense.


How do I make an appointment?

Registration for appointments will not open until Feb 6th, 2012. It is important to note that you cannot book a biometrics appointment without applying for a visa first. Here are the instructions to book a biometrics appointment:

  1. Go to (i.e. WorldBridge Service)
  2. Select ‘United Kingdom’ under ‘Where do you want to go?’
  3. Select ‘Canada’ under ‘Where do you live?’
  4. Click ‘GO’in dropdown list
  5. Click on ‘Additional Services’ in left hand menu
  6. Click on ‘Mobile biometrics clinics’ at the bottom of the list under Additional Services section
  7. Scroll to the ‘St. John’s, Newfoundland’ section and follow the instructions under ‘How to apply for the service’
  8. The fee is $150.00 plus tax for each application and must be paid online at time of booking. When you have booked your appointment and paid, a receipt will be emailed to you which you need to print and bring to your appointment

What do I bring to the appointment?

Here is what you need to bring to the clinic:

  • Valid passport
  • Completed and printed visa application form
  • Receipt for the online visa fee payment
  • Receipt for the biometrics appointment payment

WorldBridge requires all applicants to purchase prepaid return courier service when they book their appointment. This will make for a swifter appointment. However, if sending the application package to New York, it is best to utilize Canada Post Overnight, FEDEX, UPS or another similar courier provider.


Contact the Co-operative Education Services center at 709.864.2419 or email

For more information about World Bridge, please consult the link below.