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Biometrics clinic for UK visa applicants

Important update regarding changes in UK visa processing

July 28, 2011

Memorial University will be hosting the next UK biometrics mobile clinic on October 18, 2011.

Before proceeding to make a biometrics appointment you need to determine the correct visa type for you and make an online application. Booking a biometrics appointment is the last stage of the online process.

To register for your biometrics appointment (last step in online visa application):

  • Go to (Worldbridge)
  • Select 'Canada' in dropdown list
  • Click on 'Additional Services' in left-hand menu
  • Click on 'Mobile biometrics clinics' at the bottom of the list under Additional Services section
  • Go to 'St. John's, Newfoundland' section and follow the instructions under 'How to apply for the service'

Please note that the cost is $150.00 CAD plus tax per student and registration for appointments will open 30 days in advance of the clinic visit.

For more information on visas, you should visit the UK Border Agency website or the WorldBridge Service website to determine if you need a visa (and the biometrics).
Additional Information on UK biometrics appointments:
In terms of what you would need to bring to the appointment, here is a list:
· Passport
· Passport Photo (1)
· Completed and printed visa application form (you will get the option to print when you apply online)
· Receipt for the online visa fee payment
· Appointment confirmation for the online mobile clinic appointment (you will get when you register for your appointment online)
· Prepaid return self-addressed courier envelop (must be DHL or Priority Courier)
· Fee of $150.00 CAD plus tax (has to be paid online via Visa or MasterCard).
WorldBridge, the organization carrying out the process, will check to ensure you have the above documents and when you are done the process, you will have to courier the documents to the UK Embassy in Ottawa. The courier you choose to send your documents to the Ottawa embassy is irrelevant but the “Prepaid return self-address courier envelop” that you must enclose in your package has to be DHL or Priority Courier.
Please note, your package has to arrive at the UK Embassy in Ottawa within 10 business days after your biometrics appointment.

It is important to note that Memorial University is not the organization delivering the biometric process, we only made the arrangements to bring it here.