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Partners in Mobility

Opportunities for international experiences at Memorial are many and varied. Below is a listing of the different partners dedicated to mobility at Memorial.

Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic
Head Dr. Grant Gardner  
  Description Oversight on international matters from the executive level.  
International Centre  
  Acting Director Sonja Knutson  
  Description Oversees institutional exchange agreements, memorandums of understanding for faculty and students  
  Location Education Building 4007  
International Programs Office, Faculty of Business Administration  
  Director Mike Burns  
  Description Faculty of Business mobility programs - inbound and outbound exchanges; Harlow programs; several institution-wide mobility articulation agreements.  
  Location 2nd Floor Business Building  
Centre for Nursing Studies (International)  
  Description International development opportunities, primarily for Faculty within the School of Nursing.  
International Student Advising Office  
  Manager Sonja Knutson  
  Description Settlement and immigration support to all international students; informational support to faculty and staff with international queries  
  Location Corte Real, Burton's Pond  
Marine Institute International  
  Head Bill Chislett  
  Description International projects relating to the fisheries, oceans and agri-foods sectors around the world. Opportunities for faculty, staff and students  
  Location Marine Institute Building, St. John's  
School of Graduate Studies  
  Contact Andrew Kim  
  Description For all matters involving graduate students (including international graduate students)  
  Location Inco Innovation Centre, 3rd Floor  

Student Affairs and Services (Career Development and Experiential Learning)

  Contact Natalie Spracklin  
  Description Contact point for students interested in studying, working or volunteering abroad.  
  Location 4th floor University Centre, St. John's Campus  
Cooperative Education Services Centre  
  Contact Chris Hounsell  

Co-ordinates activities for all co-operative education programs on campus and plays a key role in facilitating the co-operative education process with students and employers. The Centre offers frontline support to Co-operative Education at Memorial in the form of hosting hosting on-campus interviews; marketing to current/potential employers and students; administering funding programs to NL employers wishing to hire co-operative education students; and collecting statistics and conducting research related to co-operative education.

  Location 4th Floor University Centre, St. John's Campus  
Faculty and department-specific mobility coordinators (for international exchanges and / or group-study programs)  
  Arts Natalie Spracklin  
  Education Hayward Blake  

MacKenzie Young