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What restrictions are there on the use of the words “university”, “varsity” or “Newfoundland”?

Prohibition against use of university name, etc.

65. (1) Without the authority of the board a person shall not use or adopt the words "university" or "varsity" either alone or in conjunction with another word as the name of a firm, partnership, corporation, joint stock company or otherwise as a trading name or as the name of a manufactory or of an article or thing offered or to be offered for sale or as the name of an activity, enterprise or undertaking, and a person shall not assume or use the coat of arms or crest of the university, or a design in imitation of it, or calculated to deceive by its resemblance to them.

(2) Without the authority of the board, a person shall not make use of the word " Newfoundland " as a part of the name of a university, school, college, seminary or other institution of learning.

(3) A person who acts in contravention of this section shall be liable upon summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $100 in addition to being liable in a civil action instituted against him or her.