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Videos put focus on engineering

A still photograph from a series of videos recently created by DELTS.


By Courtenay Alcock

Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) recently collaborated with Memorial's Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science to create a series of videos that provide insight about Memorial's engineering program and each of its disciplines.

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science approached DELTS to produce two video programs. The first is a series of six short videos that highlight each of the engineering disciplines of civil, computer, electrical, mechanical, ocean and naval architectural and process engineering. This series of videos was created as a resource for first-year engineering students at Memorial, to inform them of each discipline in an engaging way.

DELTS was responsible for developing the scripts, as well as the multimedia applications and production of the videos. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science provided the content and support needed to ensure the videos were accurate and as engaging as possible.

Each of the discipline-specific videos, which range from four to seven minutes long, include footage, descriptions and career opportunities related to each discipline, as well as interviews with senior students, faculty and professionals within the local industry. Each of the videos are hosted on the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science website and are also available in DVD and digital formats.

The second video program is a recruitment video for the province's high school students, which provides an overview of engineering, the disciplines available for study at Memorial and the support that is available to new students within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The video also introduces types of careers in which each discipline may lead, and introduces the humanitarian and social aspects of being an engineer, such as becoming involved with Engineers Without Borders.

"Engineers Without Borders essentially provided me with the opportunity to be able to learn and grow and work in Africa, and to see the poverty and the work that we were doing on the ground," said Maria Adey, a Term 8 student in civil engineering who appears in the recruitment video. "At the end of the day it gave me the experience to use what I've learned from my education to help create a difference in the lives of the Malawians that I was working with and to provide them with the opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty."

In addition to humanitarian efforts, the videos highlight the emphasis of teamwork within Memorial's engineering programs. Students have opportunities to work in teams on group projects for courses and competitions. Teams representing Memorial have participated in competitions designing apps for iPads and iPhones, MUN Sailbot, Concrete Toboggan and the Memorial BAJA teams. The videos also emphasize that engineering disciplines are open to men and women alike to ensure that female students in particular are aware that the opportunities are equally available to them.

The recruitment video for prospective students can be viewed at

The six discipline-specific videos can be viewed by visiting