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Sites recommended for core sciences facilities

president Gary Kachanoski has accepted a recommendation from the Vice-Presidents' Council (VPC) on where the new core sciences infrastructure will be situated on Memorial's St. John's campus.

Pending the outcome of the final stages of planning work, the facilities will be sited on two campus locations.

The Vice-Presidents' Council endorsed the option of two building sites, one located on parking area 16 west of the Smallwood Centre and the other south of the Business building, provided that a compelling case could be made that the advantages of the two-site option would sufficiently outweigh any projected incremental cost over and above the cost for a single location option. Otherwise, the VPC agrees that a single location west of the Smallwood Centre would be the preferred site.

"After extensive consultation, we are pleased to advise that a two-site option is preferred for the construction of core sciences infrastructure at Memorial," said David Wardlaw, provost and vice-president (academic). "The choice of two sites follows the campus master plan in terms of green space preservation, as these locations were already earmarked as potential future building sites.

"This approach also provides the right balance between campus connectivity and budgetary mindfulness," noted Dr. Wardlaw. "As a public institution, Memorial is committed to ensuring that public funds are used to their maximum value. Given the specialized spaces and equipment needed, we expect that two smaller buildings will prove to be as cost-effective as one much larger structure. So we've requested that the consultants engaged in the planning work provide an analysis on these options before a final decision is made."