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Teaching in the Sciences: A Handbook for Part-time and Adjunct Faculty

By Michael Collins

Teaching in the Sciences is a unique professional development resource for college faculty who teach in the science classroom. The book can be used by faculty in any science discipline and offers guidance for those who teach on either the undergraduate or graduate level. The author, originally educated in England, has been a faculty member at Memorial University of Newfoundland since 1969 and served as the academic associate vice-president for six years. He also won the President's Award for Distinguished Teaching and developed the university's graduate program in teaching.

Citizen Engagement in Health Casebook

Co-edited by Roger Chafe

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) recently released its Citizen Engagement in Health Casebook, which draws on examples of citizen engagement in health from across Canada.

One of the book's editors is Dr. Roger Chafe, assistant professor and director of pediatric research in the Faculty of Medicine. One of the cases is on Eastern Health's work with its patient advisory council for cancer care.

"The 14 case studies from across the health sector and different regions of Canada will not only increase understanding of how to engage citizens but also support a better understanding of the experiences of those undertaking citizen engagement activities," said Dr. Chafe.

Citizen engagement exercises are a key ingredient in integrating public input into health care governance, priority setting and decision making. While there have been some high profile examples of citizen engagement processes, they are still not widespread across Canadian health care organizations.

Dr. Chafe explained that Canadian health care organizations and their stakeholders would benefit from descriptions of processes where members
of the public have shared their values and opinions around important questions and challenges in health care.

Mosby's Canadian Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests

By Kathleen D. Pagana, Timothy J. Pagana and Sandra A. Pike-MacDonald

The very first resource of its kind, written exclusively for Canada, this text provides clear, concise coverage of more than 700 of the most commonly performed diagnostic and laboratory tests used in Canada. Its many user-friendly features include an easy-to-understand writing style, full-colour illustrations, and a logical organization. Each test entry is presented in a consistent format to provide quick access to information on specimen collection, normal findings, indications, test explanation, procedure and patient care and test results and clinical significance, as well as any applicable contraindications, potential complications, interfering factors and related tests. Standard International Units of measure are included. New full-colour photographs and enhanced illustrations clarify key concepts and reflect the latest procedures, equipment and techniques. A completely updated content with more than 180 new references covers 30 new tests including ductoscopy, thyroglobulin and lactoferrin.

This book is edited by School of Nursing professor Dr. Sandra MacDonald and presents a unique Canadian perspective on diagnostic and laboratory testing. Cultural consideration boxes have been added to highlight important aspects of working with people from the diverse cultural and racial backgrounds of the Canadian population, such as First Nations communities. Canadian laws, policies and procedures have been added, including generic and trade drug names that comply with Health Canada, the Personal Health Information Protection Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, current policies for DNA collection, protocols for the reporting of infections such as chlamydia, guidelines for the correct order and process of collecting blood samples, screening protocols and Canadian statistics. This text is a must-have for any student of the health sciences.

Physics and Logic of Life

A.U. Igamberdiev

The book Physics and Logic of Life discusses the foundations of theoretical biology. It spans from basic physical principles underlying living phenomena to complex processes such as morphogenesis, evolution and the development of social systems. The rational interpretation of wholeness is considered by the author, as a true basis for the fundamental principles of the development of theoretical biology, and for understanding its link to physics, psychology and semiotics. The main message of this book is to introduce the view that a proper clarification of the place of humanity in the universe is possible only via the understanding of the phenomenon of life.


The Fluorspar Mines of Newfoundland

John R. Martin

Dr. John Martin, a retired physician and professor of medicine at Memorial, served as the chief occupational medical officer for the province from 1984-92. In this book, The Fluorspar Mines of Newfoundland: Their History and the Epidemic of Radiation Lung Cancer, he tells the history of Newfoundland's fluorspar mines from their founding to the last shipment of fluorspar in 1990 and declaration of bankruptcy a year later. He focuses on the health hazards experienced by the miners, and how the mining companies, workers, government and health services came to terms with the unfolding human tragedy.

Two rich deposits of fluorspar, a mineral used in the production of aluminum, steel, non-stick coatings and fire retardant clothing, were discovered in the early 1930s on the southern tip of Newfoundland. Two mines were established and by mid-century were major employers in St. Lawrence. By the 1950s physician Cyril Walsh noticed a marked increase in cases of cancer in the miners and by the late 1960s nearly 20 per cent of St. Lawrence households had lost a family member to lung cancer.

Dr. Martin's book also covers such matters as the improvement of methods for dust quantification and radiation surveillance in the mines, battles for compensation and the influence of the St. Lawrence case on the development of labour law in the province.


Reproducing Women: Family and Health Work across Three Generations

Marilyn Porter and Diana L. Gustafson

In Reproducing Women, the authors look at how women experience reproductive health and how knowledge about health issues is transmitted from one generation to the next.

The authors are Dr. Marilyn Porter, professor emerita in the Department of Sociology, and Dr. Diana L. Gustafson, associate professor of social science and health in the Faculty of Medicine.

Utilizing sociological and feminist lenses, they argue in this book that women experience reproductive health as a part of their entire life story rather than as discrete medical problems.

The book draws together stories and interviews with three generations of women across 24 families. The authors examine women's experience of their reproductive lives in order to uncover how women's experience is rooted in the family and among generational relationships between mother, daughter, grandmother and granddaughter.

By placing women's biological and embodied experiences, including issues such as menarche, contraception, sexual intercourse, childbirth and menopause, in a social and cultural context, women's broader roles in social reproduction are revealed.


Seeing Politics Differently: A Brief Introduction to Political Sociology

Karen Stanbridge and Howard Ramos

Seeing Politics Differently introduces students to political sociology – the story of how power is distributed within society. Arguing that politics is about much more than the debates and decision of government, Dr. Karen Stanbridge of Memorial's Department of Sociology and Dr. Ramos of Dalhousie University encourage readers to see that political struggles are inextricably tied to what happens around us every day – whether we're competing for a job or negotiating who pays for dinner. Through thoughtful discussion of key perspective and approaches, the authors demonstrate the ignorance of questioning who holds power in our society, where that power comes from and how individuals and groups can bring about change. The book spotlights Canadian situations and viewpoints and is designed around a knowledge building approach, encouraging readers to recognize power differentials in their own lives. Seeing Politics Differently is the latest in a series of concise texts reflecting recent research and trends in sociology.


In the Field

Joan Sullivan

A soldier dies, a community vanishes...and a story is found. When Steven Norris – a lieutenant with the famed Royal Newfoundland Regiment – dies at the battle of Gueudecourt in 1916, his family business is left without an heir. With the end of the Norris family mill, the once thriving town of Three Arms disappears.

Almost 90 years later, a high-school theatre class mounts a successful musical based on the life and death of Steven Norris. When the curtain drops, a group of actors, teachers and parents embark on a camping expedition to Three Arms where they stumble upon the actual artifacts of Norris's young life. A compelling history – part narrative, part documentary, part drama – Newfoundland Quarterly editor Joan Sullivan's In the Field reminds us how one soldier's great sacrifice can resonate long after he has fallen.

Ms. Sullivan will be reading from In The Field at the SPARKS Literary Festival on Sunday, Jan. 20.