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Alumni Spotlight

In the fourth and final spotlight on the 2012 Alumni Tribute Award winners, we feature Josh Quinton, the winner of the Horizon award for outstanding achievement under the age of 35. At just 28 years old, Mr. Quinton is quickly moving up the ranks in the financial industry in New York City. He is also a strong champion for Memorial and remains closely connected to the university. He talks about life in the Big Apple and reflects on his time at Memorial in this interview with Gazette contributor Jennifer Batten.

JB: Tell me about your experience at Memorial. How did you get interested in business?

JQ: Finding my path during my first year at Memorial was challenging, but that changed when I began my commerce degree. I was able to become heavily involved in extracurricular activities like student council, ACE Memorial, the Network of International Business Schools and venture capital case competitions that allowed me to connect with fellow students, faculty and staff. I competed on behalf of Memorial and was successful in case competitions against other business schools where we won challenges, year after year. I still cherish those thrilling experiences to this day. I first became interested in business at a young age, hearing about the Quinton's family-owned business in Bonavista Bay, and watching my entrepreneurial parents work as hard as they do. They have owned and operated restaurants in Newfoundland and Labrador for more than 32 years and to this day, they are passionate about what they have built.

JB: What is it like to live and work in New York City?

JQ: Bloomberg, where I work, is a fast-paced firm that continues to grow and be at the forefront of the financial industry. Like my experience at Memorial, you get what you put in. New York is a city where hard work is rewarded; it is a place where the world comes to do business. My exposure to high-level executives and heads of state has provided me with a learning opportunity like no other. I also find it interesting that New Yorkers are often knowledgeable about Newfoundland and Labrador. Living here is a real treat and I am now living in a great neighborhood — the West Village. Not having a car is actually a benefit as it allows more time for reading on the subway or biking around different areas of Manhattan to experience the incredible cultural diversity.

JB: You played a big role in helping Memorial's Faculty of Business Administration implement a simulated trading floor facility and training faculty and students to get the most out of their experience with it.

JQ: There is no better way for students to practise and learn than to see how professional investors work on a day-to-day basis using the new White Trading Lab at Memorial. I moved to New York in 2007 not knowing anyone but with a determination to make it on my own. I think the first few years of a new graduate's career are very important to setting them on a long-term path. I would like to see others give back time as mentors, or financially where possible, like one of my mentors, Brad White, has done at Memorial.

JB: The Horizon Award is for extraordinary achievements of Memorial alumni under the age of 35. How does it feel to be receiving it?

JQ: I am honoured to have received the 2012 Horizon Award, and to be in the company of so many talented Memorial alumni around the world. The Alumni Tribute Awards event was a fantastic experience and I was extremely proud and happy to be there with many of my friends, family and professors who have supported me. I plan on continuing to give back to Memorial for many more years to help the next generation of students and alumni achieve their goals and dreams.