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News and notes

Listed below is a selection of the funding opportunities for which information has recently been received by the Office of Research Services. For links to further information on these items, visit Grant Funding Opportunities on the research website at

• Undergraduate: MD/PhD Students (2012-13) CIHR MD/PhD
Program Grants
• CIHR Operating Grant - Population Health Intervention
Research (Fall 2012 Competition)
• CIHR Operating Grant - Child and Youth Health (2012)
Team Grant - Terry Fox New Frontiers Program in Cancer
• CIHR Other : CH.I.L.D.-CIHR Inflammatory Bowel Disease
• Clinician-Scientist in Training Award (2012-13)
• Clinician-Scientist Salary Award (2012-13)
• CIHR Operating Grant - Programmatic Grants in Food and
• Undergraduate – Mobility, musculoskeletal health and arthritis
Master's Award - Winter 2013 Priority Announcement (Specific
Research Areas)
• CIHR Fellowship — 2012-13
• CIHR Master's Award — 2012-13
• CIHR Personnel Awards - Canadian Diabetes Association -
Clinician Scientist
• CIHR Personnel Awards - Canadian Diabetes Association -
Scholar Award
• CIHR Personnel Awards - Canadian Diabetes Association -
Doctoral Student Research Award
• CIHR Operating Grant - Canadian Diabetes Association
• CIHR Partnerships for Health System Improvement - 2012-13
• CIHR Other - Institute Community Support Grants and Awards
• CIHR Doctoral Research Awards
• CIHR Travel Awards – Institute Community Support
• NSERC College and Community Innovation Program - Indus
trial Research Chairs for Colleges (IRCC) Grants
• NSERC Idea to Innovation (I2I)
• NSERC Industrial Research Chairs (IRC)
• DND/NSERC Research Partnership Program
• NSERC Engage Grants (EG)
• Expanded Mitacs-Accelerate Program
• SSHRC Connection
• SSHRC Doctoral Awards (university applications)
• SSHRC Insight Development Grants
• Imperial Oil University Research Awards Program
• Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada Research Grants


Jan. 15
Baillie Fund
- Small Grants Program

- Baker Fellowship Fund
- Baker New Researcher Fund
- Baker Applied Research Fund
- Barbara Tuck/MacPhee Family Vision Research Award

Union for International Cancer Control
- Yamagiwa-Yoshida Memorial UICC International Cancer
Study Grants

Smithsonian Institution
- Fellowship Program