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Papers and presentations

Professor Messod Salama, Department of French and Spanish, was invited to give two plenary session lectures at a symposium commemorating 2,000 Years of Jewish Presence in Morocco, organized by the Moroccan Embassy in Ottawa, Ont., together with the Sephardic Federation in Ontario. The first lecture dealt with the Emancipation of the Judeo Spanish Sephardim at the Colonial Crossroads (1912-1956) and the second was titled The Mission of Sir Moses Montefiore to Morocco: The Beginnings of Diplomatic Diaspora Solidarity (1863).

Dr. Christopher Kovacs, Faculty of Medicine, gave this year's Anast Lecture at the Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School on Oct. 31. The lecture was titled Surprises About the Regulation of Bone and Mineral Metabolism During Pregnancy, Lactation, and Post-weaning.

Asan M.S. Haja Mohideen, a master's student with the Discipline of Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, presented a paper at the annual Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute (BHCRI) Cancer Research conference, held Nov. 5-6, in Halifax, N.S. The title of his presentation was Two Polymorphisms in the Hypoxia Inducible Factor Genes HIF2A and HIF2B are Associated With Outcome in Colorectal Cancer. Other authors were Dr. Elizabeth Dicks, Dr. Ban Younghusband, Dr. Patrick Parfrey, Dr. Roger Green and Dr. Sevtap Savas (supervisor). Mr. Haja Mohideen was also awarded a travel award in the amount of $500 by the BHCRI to attend this conference.