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Keys to success

Dr. Ellen Waterman

By Laura Barron

Over the next three years, Memorial aims to replace or repair 56 pianos at the School of Music.

"The piano fleet at the School of Music has become too old for us to effectively educate our students," said Dr. Ellen Waterman, dean, School of Music. "Of the 56 pianos in the School of Music, only one has seen less than 20 years of service, and five of our pianos have given more than 40 years of service. We are in major need of piano refurbishment and replacement in order to best serve our students, faculty and community."

The school's pianos are continually used for concert performances, classroom demonstrations, studio teaching and in practice rooms. Every student who comes through one of the undergraduate music programs must become proficient on the piano, making the school's fleet of pianos essential to the delivery of programs.

In order to address this need, the School of Music is launching the Keys to Success campaign for repair and renewal of their piano fleet. This $500,000 initiative will provide critical service to those who depend on them – the students, faculty and the many community music groups who use their facilities – for decades to come.

The Keys to Success campaign is recognized as being vital to the School of Music's future success. To encourage participation, donors will have the opportunity to double their impact with each gift. Memorial will match every contribution from the private sector, up to a maximum of $166,500.
The school is inviting individuals, community groups, small businesses and corporations to take part.

"This campaign will have an immense impact on the future education of Memorial's students. Giving students the best tools is essential to ensuring they realize their potential in the challenging profession of music," said
Dr. Waterman.

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