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Search committee established to fill new senior leadership position

A search committee has been formed to fill the new position of associate vice-president (academic) faculty affairs. The AVPA (faculty affairs) will provide leadership, innovation and implement strategic direction at the senior administration level in all areas pertaining to academic staff, including recruitment, retention, career progression, equity and diversity, academic staff planning, policies and collective agreements and professional development for faculty throughout their careers.

The search committee includes four elected members and four appointed members. Elected members were determined by the nomination/election process established by Senate and administered by the committee on Senate elections and committees.

Elected members of the committee include Dr. Nathan Cook, School of Music; Dr. Delores Mullings, School of Social Work; Paul Ryan, Marine Institute; and Dr. Dale Foster, Faculty of Business Administration. Appointed members include Dr. Lynne Phillips, dean of the Faculty of Arts; Dr. David Peddle, associate vice-president (Grenfell Campus) academic; Kent Decker, vice-president (administration and finance); and Dr. Alice Collins, Faculty of Education.

In the first instance the search will be open to internal candidates. Consultations with internal stakeholder groups concerning the roles and responsibilities of this new position have begun and will continue.

The committee is beginning its work with the development of an advertisement and a position profile. The advertisement will be posted in several internal venues and the position profile, once finalized, will be available on the website of the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) at

Dr. Grant Gardner's appointment as associate vice-president (academic) has been extended until Dec. 31, 2012.