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Grenfell celebrates

While more than 60 degrees were being conferred at the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre on the morning of Friday, Oct. 5, recruitment, marketing and communications professionals at Grenfell Campus were simultaneously rolling out the campus's new brand.

It was a week of celebration at Grenfell: Undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas such as arts, education, fine arts, nursing, philosophy, resource management, science and technology were awarded, and just two days before the convocation ceremony, a launch party was held at Grenfell Campus, culminating two years of planning, consultation and creative work.

The new brand asks students, faculty and staff to 'Find your corner.' Watch a video featuring current Grenfell Campus students at com/watch?v= fRipzx6OfAo&

"'Find your corner' recognizes the uniqueness and individuality of the people of Grenfell Campus," said Joann Fitzgerald, marketing manager, Grenfell Campus. "It is about who we are and what we stand for. It's finding our purpose, passion, our corner."

The new brand comes to life through a photo shoot with nationally renowned photographer David Howells, who captured Grenfell's personality through photographing the students, faculty and staff who study and work on Memorial's West Coast campus, in a unique, raw style. Through the range of portrait and action shots, and in a range of styles, hundreds of personalities came together to express one voice.

"Our models are our real students in their natural settings, captured in their raw emotion and unscripted honesty," said Ms. Fitzgerald.

The primary piece of the new brand is the viewbook, Grenfell's primary catalogue of its programs and services.

It features the unique photography as well as words ending in "er", reinforcing the action-oriented nature of those at Grenfell. The idea is that whether students are starters, leaders, transformers or trailblazers, they will find that Grenfell is a special place that will nurture their personal goals.

In the weeks ahead the multi-media campaign will continue. The faces of Grenfell students have been hung on banners on the campus's buildings and posted on buses and in commercial districts, and are part of an online and cinema campaign at various cities throughout Atlantic Canada.