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Memorial reduces smoking areas and moves closer to complete ban

SINCE Aug. 1, designated smoking areas on each of the St. John's and Grenfell campuses have been reduced to one.

The number of designated smoking areas on Memorial's campuses is being reduced as the university moves towards a full smoking ban by 2013.

The designated smoking area on the St. John's campus is located near Paton College. The designated smoking area at Grenfell Campus is near the centre grouping of chalets at Grenfell to accommodate students living on campus.

There are no smoking areas at the Marine Institute or on any other Memorial properties, including the Ocean Sciences Centre, the Offshore Safety and Survival Centre and the Bonne Bay Marine Station.

The reduction in designated smoking areas is in keeping with Memorial's revised smoking policy that was approved last year by the Board of Regents, after extensive consultation with the university community in the winter of 2011.

The long-term health and safety of students and staff, the detrimental health impact of smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke and the university's ability to influence community and society through its policies and actions were factors that influenced the board's decision.

Memorial is committed to providing a safe, smoke-free environment for its students, faculty and staff. In the summer of 2011, the university confined smoking to designated areas away from the doorways of any campus buildings.

Memorial University encourages its community to respect the revised smoking policy and the rights of others to a healthy and smoke-free environment.
The smoking policy can be found at