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School of Pharmacy wins big at Tely 10

From left, Robbie McCarthy, Aaron Siller, Maggie Cole, Sara Inder and Adam Oliver following their team's third place finish at the Tely 10.

By David Penney

Five students from the School of Pharmacy finished third in the open mixed team competition at the Tely 10 road race on July 22 in St. John's. Dr. Linda Hensman, dean of the school, recorded a first place finish in her division.

Robbie McCarthy, Aaron Siller, Adam Oliver, Maggie Cole and Sara Inder are all students from the class of 2013 at the School of Pharmacy. The group had initially planned to sign up for the race individually, but once they realized each other's intentions to run, they decided to represent the School of Pharmacy as a registered team. Their third place finishing score was 2,114, calculated according to each athlete's gender finishing position, with the first four finishers counting toward the final score.

A mix of experienced and first-time runners, the group overcame the high temperatures at the 85th running of the annual St. John's road race. It was Maggie Cole's first Tely 10.

"Sara and I were first-time runners and we started training together around three months previous," she said. "Aaron, Robbie, and Adam were great motivators when they found out we were interested in running the race. They made sure to share as many tips as possible on the days leading up to the race, and on race day."

Dr. Linda Hensman is an experienced runner, recently completing her first Boston Marathon in April of this year, a race that also took place under record high temperatures.

"I am absolutely delighted to hear of the success of Robbie, Aaron, Adam, Maggie and Sara," she said. "It's wonderful to see our students running and in such a great and historical race as the Tely 10. For me personally, I've had a great training season and the result has been excellent race outcomes for me this year. It was certainly hot at this year's Tely but it was nothing compared to Boston!"

Citing both the fitness challenge and end goal as reasons for competing in a race like the Tely 10, all the student team members were unanimous in their feeling of satisfaction that comes from participating. Robbie McCarthy explained how it felt to finish and what will keep him coming back for more.

"When I finally finished, it felt awesome. Honestly, although you're pretty exhausted once you cross the finish line, you get that "runner's high" a few minutes later. That's what makes you want to come back and do it all over again next year."