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School of Music soprano releases new recording

The product of more than two decades of a musical partnership with her vocal coach and mentor John Greer, School of Music assistant professor Dr. Jane Leibel has released Songs of the Bubble Ring.

The recording reflects one of Dr. Leibel's primary musical focuses as a performer: Canadian contemporary vocal repertoire. The music focuses on the work of two seminal Canadian composers, John Greer and Clifford Crawley, that has never been recorded or that is currently unavailable on disc. Dr. Leibel also desired to build a balanced program of vocal chamber music featuring the two men as contemporary Canadian musical "bookends."

"My desire was to fashion a program that would have appeal to both lovers of the contemporary soprano voice and lovers of contemporary repertoire in general – works genuinely compelling to such an audience and not simply curiosities because of their unavailability," she said.

Dr. Leibel says the disc will serve as a practical, accessible recording that students of music will find helpful in their understanding and performance of contemporary Canadian music.

Songs of the Bubble Ring's official Centaur Records release is Wednesday, Feb. 1, and upcoming performances of the works will take place at the University of Kentucky, New York University and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as at the American Church and the American Cathedral in Paris in fall 2012. The CD can be purchased online from