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Engineering alum talks neuropsychology at international event

Sherrie Myers


By Geoff Ash

You might not expect a Memorial University engineering alumna to be presenting at an international neuropsychology conference, but for Sherrie Myers, co-ordinator with the Division of Co-operative Education working in the Faculty of Engineering, it was a perfectly natural link.

The topic of Ms. Myers' poster presentation will be results from her master's thesis in counselling psychology, which she completed at the University of British Columbia under Dr. Anita Hubley, an internationally renowned expert in psychological assessment and measurement.

"The research helps to validate the use of a new screening tool for depression in older adults," said Ms. Myers, who hopes the presentation helps disseminate the findings and bring their research one step closer to publication.

Now working to match students in the Faculty of Engineering with work term placements, Ms. Myers's career seems to have come full circle. However, it was other interests that led her down the path of counselling and the related area of psychological measurement.

"I realized after my undergrad in engineering that I had a huge interest in psychology, and the engineering side of me loved the numbers and the idea of measurement in psychology, so it became a perfect marriage of both fields."
The conference, which is the 40th Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society, takes place in Montreal Feb. 15-18.