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Vice-president of Memorial University (Marine Institute) confirmed

Glenn Blackwood has been named vice-president of Memorial University for the Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI).

Mr. Blackwood had been serving as executive director of MI for the past six years. This past July, Memorial's Board of Regents had approved the conversion of the senior leadership position at MI from executive director to vice-president to be consistent with recent changes to position names and responsibilities at the senior management level of the university.

As executive director Mr. Blackwood has recently undergone a successful review that was conducted by a committee comprising students, faculty and staff of MI and the university, as well as external representation.

In its review, the committee wrote that "... MI has grown in scope, scale and reputation under Mr. Blackwood's leadership."

The committee indicated that feedback received during the review reflected that Mr. Blackwood is highly regarded inside and outside the university and that his leadership and team-building skills are recognized as outstanding.

As vice-president, Marine Institute, Mr. Blackwood also sits on the newly formed Vice-Presidents' Council of Memorial University. The appointment was effective Nov. 1.