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Papers and Presentations

Associate professor Dr. Robert Meadus and assistant professor Creina Twomey from the School of Nursing have recently published the article Men student nurses: The nursing education experience. This paper was published in Nursing Forum.

The Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle and Spurious Ratio Correlation, a paper by Dr. Kam Hon Chu, associate professor, Department of Economics, was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of International Money and Finance.

Dr. Christopher Martin, a postdoctoral fellow with the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Arts, is author of the article titled To What End Communication? Developing a Conceptual Framework for Communication in Medical Education, published in the December 2011 issue of Academic Medicine.

Dr. Gerard Farrell, Faculty of Medicine, is author of the commentary titled Medical Students Need to Think Strategically about EMRs, published Nov. 10, 2011, in Technology for Doctors online.

Dr. Atanu Sarkar, Division of Community Health and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, published an original research paper, titled Sustainability of Current Agriculture Practices, Community Perception, and Implications for Ecosystem Health: An Indian Study in the November 2011 issue of EcoHealth published by Springer. Dr. Sarkar is the first author of the paper. Dr. Sarkar also presented a paper at the Global Health Conference in Montreal in November 2011. The conference was attended by hundreds of presenters across the world including various United Nations bodies, university researchers, government officials, bilateral and multilateral agencies. The paper is titled Climate epidemiology: a pressing need for a developing world. Dr. Sarkar's paper introduced a new understanding of adverse health impacts due to climate change.