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New HR information management system to simplify and save time

Jim Scott will lead the team that is implementing a new HR management system.


By Marcia Porter

It's a banner year for Jim Scott, senior project manager with Computing and Communications.

As lead for the Banner HR project, he's got a little more than one year to implement phase one of a new human resources management system for the university. The system will help streamline business operations and manage processes on all Memorial campuses.

Phase one tasks include implementing core human resource functions such as payroll, and leave management as well as priorities for the academic community.
Mr. Scott is working with a small team of specialists from the Department of Human Resources and Computing and Communications to replace the current mainframe-based system that has been around for more than 20 years.

The technology is old, cumbersome and expensive to maintain. It's also managed off-campus by outside consultants.

"The benefits of the new system are enormous," said Mr. Scott. "Banner HR will complement the Banner student and finance systems that are already well-established and well-supported here on campus.

"We'll have one database of information and that will make it easier for people who need access to all sorts of data to generate reports, amongst other things."
Going from old to new by January 2013 is a huge undertaking. That's why specialists like Karen Stockley and Linda Cooper have been seconded from Human Resources to work on the Banner project. With many years of historical data to convert and a system to build, they've set up office in Spencer Hall, working alongside computer support staff that maintain the Banner student and finance systems.

"Building the new Banner HR system is like building a new foundation," said Valerie Butler, associate director of Human Resources, who's working with Mr. Scott to oversee the project. "It will give us a solid base to support changes to HR services and processes that may be recommended through the departmental operational review currently underway."

Following implementation of the project's first phase, the Banner team will focus on work processes and human resource information needs.