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Social work dean's article among top most cited

By Laura Woodford

Dr. Alean Al-Krenawi, dean of the School of Social Work, has had his co-authored article ranked number 44 out of 100 most cited articles in disciplinary social work journals published during 2000-09. The article is titled Culturally Sensitive Social Work Practice with Arab Clients in Mental Health Settings, Al-Krenawi, A. and Graham, J. R. (2000).

In light of the emergence of a distinct disciplinary knowledge base over the past few decades, a group comprised of two Arizona-based social work professors and a community-based social worker undertook a study to identify the 100 most cited articles in disciplinary social work journals. The authors state that it is common in professions such as medicine to exam highly cited articles as a way to provide a window into professional priorities. However, little research has examined influential articles in social work.

The study, published in the British Journal of Social Work (2011) 1–18, is titled Influential Publications in Social Work Discourse: The 100 Most Highly Cited Articles in Disciplinary Journals: 2000–09 by David R. Hodge, Jeffrey R. Lacasse, and Odessa Benson.

The authors discovered twelve citation classics spanning a relatively diverse array of subjects. Among the various topics, the results suggest that evidence-based practice/social work research plays a particularly important role in professional discourse. Also notable, some two-thirds of the most highly cited articles were published in just four journals.

Based upon their survey of the extant literature, the authors say this is the first comprehensive study of influential disciplinary articles to appear in social work literature. As such, they believe it provides an initial understanding of the articles that have played a part in shaping discourse in the social work profession.