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Input solicited: review committee for executive director, Marine Institute

Glenn Blackwood was appointed as executive director of the Marine Institute on Sept. 1, 2005. In accordance with established procedures, a review of Mr. Blackwood's performance during his term as executive director, Marine Institute, should have occurred after five years; however, given the transition of the senior leadership of the university in 2010, the review was deferred for a year.

Therefore, a review committee has now been struck, the members of which are:

Chair – Dr. Gary Kachanoski
Marine Institute advisory board – Ms. Iris Petten
Senior executive (MI) academic – Dr. Peter Fisher
Senior executive (MI) schools – Mr. Carey Bonnell
Staff – Ms. Leslie Noftall
Student – Ms. Amy Hannaford
Instructor – Mr. Derek Howse
Faculty of Science – Dr. Mark Abrahams

As part of its consultative process, the review committee invites written submissions on Mr. Blackwood's performance as executive director during the past six years. A brief position description for the executive director is available to guide submissions by contacting the Office of the President.

Additionally, the Board of Regents recently approved the repurposing of the position of executive director of the Marine Institute to become a vice-president. The change is consistent with recent changes to the position names and responsibilities at the senior management level of Memorial University and aligns the chief executive officer of the Marine Institute with the other vice-presidents at Memorial. Subject to a successful review, Mr. Blackwood will be appointed as vice-president (Marine Institute).

Input must be received by Oct. 18, 2011. Please note that anonymous submissions will not be accepted and all submissions will be held in confidence by the committee; however, a redacted summary of input received will form the final report of the committee.

Submissions should be sent to:

Dr. Gary Kachanoski, Chair
MI Executive Director Review Committee
President's Office, Room A-2028
Arts and Administration Building
Memorial University
St. John's, NL A1C 5S7
Fax: (709) 864-2059

Thank you in advance for participating in this process. We look forward to your input.