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Trio of new associate directors at DELTS

By Courtenay Alcock

Memorial's Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) has welcomed three new associate directors for the teaching and learning, client support, and learning technology services of the unit.

"These placements once again complete our team, which is now more than 90 people," said Rob Wells, acting director. "The team here is geared up for a fast-paced and exciting academic year, so it's fantastic to have these positions in place."

Albert Johnson began his position as associate director of DELTS' Learning and Teaching Support Services on Aug. 22.

Over the next year, Mr. Johnson will focus on the implementation of the Teaching and Learning Framework – an initiative that connects learners and educators to each other, our community, and our world in the service of knowledge generation and exchange, and the advancement of society.

The framework has already held consultations with close to 1,000 participants, with 200 at the committee level. The process is sponsored through the office of the Vice-President Academic and led by Dr. Doreen Neville, Mr. Johnson and a working group. Advisory committees have been established to provide input on key themes including critical thinking, student-centered learning, academic and non-academic support services, diversity on campus and abroad, experiential learning, interdisciplinary activities, lifelong learning, program quality assurance and faculty recognition. These themes are complimentary with the research plan and community engagement activities.

DELTS has also hired two other associate directors to lead the unit into the next academic year.

Bonnie Simmons will be assuming the role of associate director of services, delivery and operations later this fall. Ms. Simmons holds a bachelor of commerce degree (1989) and a master of business administration (1997) from Memorial, and has completed the Executive Development Program through the Centre for Management Development.

Her career at Memorial began when she joined the P.J. Gardiner Institute in November 1992 as a program co-ordinator and subsequently became a program manager for various training and development initiatives in the education system and throughout the business community. She spent 14 years at the Gardiner Institute as associate director and director. She is also a part-time instructor with the Faculty of Business Administration. Most recently, she was the manager of corporate training and continuing education at the College of the North Atlantic, Qatar.

With DELTS, Ms. Simmons will have responsibility for finance and administration, operations and delivery, and the Quality Management System.

Donna Ball accepted the position of associate director of Technical Support Services and begins her new appointment on Sept. 6.

While holding a bachelor of arts (mathematics), a bachelor of science (computer science, 1982), and a master of business administration (1991) from Memorial, Ms. Ball also continues a 25-year career with the university.

She began in 1981 in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science as a programmer, and continued on in the Faculty of Medicine as a program analyst, to the Faculty of Business Administration as a database co-ordinator, and to the Office of the Registrar in enrolment services where she was responsible for the registration of all students, for all campuses, for all semesters. Most recently she was a policy analyst for the Office of the Board of Regents.

She is also arguably one of the only instructors to have taught in four different subject areas – computer science, mathematics, music and business administration. Ms. Ball continues a long and successful career at Memorial with the Registrar's Office, School of Music and most recently, the Policy Office. Ms. Ball's position will oversee learning technologies and media design, and coincides with Rob Wells' appointment as acting director of DELTS until a permanent director is identified.