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Spotlight on alumni

Phil Alcock is a driven entrepreneur and athlete. The bachelor of recreation graduate is the owner and operator of Core Fitness and Spa on O’Leary Avenue in St. John’s, a unique fitness studio in St. John’s known for its commitment to helping clients reach individual fitness, health and wellness goals. Mr. Alcock talks about his business with Gazette contributor Jennifer Batten.

JB: Tell me a bit about yourself and how you ended up on your current career path.
PA: Growing up in Topsail, Conception Bay South, I was involved in many sports. I started playing rugby in Grade 7 and was instantly hooked. I have been a member of the men’s senior Rock Rugby Team since 2001, winning three national titles. After graduating from Memorial, I spent about four years away from Newfoundland, mostly in Victoria, B.C., playing rugby of course, and working for the provincial government as a human resources technician. A close friend of mine who was starting a personal wellness clinic introduced me to a machine called the Eurowave. It is primarily an aesthetic device that delivers muscle toning, inch and weight loss, but it is also a great therapeutic treatment. I experienced awesome results from doing the treatments, and I was blown away with what technology could offer us.

JB: Tell me about your business, Core Fitness and Spa. Can you describe TRX suspension training?
PA: At Core Fitness and Spa we offer an array of group classes and personal training, and serve clients of all capacities, ages and abilities. The classes are designed to maximize individual attention in a group environment, with small class sizes that are led by experienced, certified instructors. We have classes in TRX suspension training, pilates and zumba. We also provide massage therapy, acupuncture and Eurowave therapy performed by skilled and registered professionals. At Core, we’ve created a place that embodies the best of group and personal training in a warm, welcoming environment. TRX is a workout that incorporates your bodyweight to develop strength, power, endurance, mobility, balance, flexibility and core stability. TRX stands above all for being versatile, portable, and scalable for any user. More importantly, it's fun and incredibly challenging.

JB: Have you always wanted to become an entrepreneur?
PA: I didn't know when I was younger that I would be running my own business in the future. My father was a self-employed labour relations specialist and arbitrator, and I too decided to go into human resources when I was first starting out. I consider myself very independent and self-driven, like my father, which are important qualities of any business owner.

JB: At the beginning of your career you spent several years living away from Newfoundland, as you mentioned earlier. What brought you home?
PA: I did my research and at the time, St. John's didn't have a technology like the Eurowave, nor did it have many personal training studios. I was itching to move home, so I decided to start my own business and bring back everything I learned during my time away, both as a trainer and as an entrepreneur.

JB: What is your fondest memory from Memorial? What did you learn during your time at Memorial that you've been able to carry over into post-graduate life?
PA: During my program at Memorial, I was fortunate to get three excellent work-term placements. I think my fondest memory is of our overnight hike with Dr. TA Loeffler. Through my experience at Memorial, I learned to always have a good attitude and be flexible. Things can change
in the blink of an eye in the fitness industry and in
business, so be ready for anything and keep a smile
on your face.

For more information on Core Fitness Spa and TRX, visit