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Visual arts students display work in Port Rexton

April White and Jonathon Weale are visual arts students from Grenfell Campus.


By Dave Sorensen

If his recent collaboration with Grenfell Campus is university engagement, John Fisher is all for it.

Thanks to a conversation with Memorial University's Office or Engagement, the owner of the Fishers' Loft Inn in Port Rexton is now displaying the artwork of Grenfell's fourth-year visual arts students in his recently opened conference centre.

It's a win-win for all involved, he said.

"We are honoured to have this fantastic and cutting-edge art hanging in our conference centre," Mr. Fisher said. "And it's a wonderful opportunity for these young artists to get exposure to an audience with whom they wouldn't normally connect. We host visitors and conference attendees from all over North America and the world and what better place to display, and hopefully sell, their art."

After a conversation with Dr. Rob Greenwood, director of the Office of Engagement, Mr. Fisher contacted Dr. Mary Bluechardt, vice-president (Grenfell Campus), to inquire about a partnership. It wasn't long before the plan was hatched.

"We're thrilled that our students are able to share their work in the community and engage a new audience," said Dr. Bluechardt, adding that faculty and staff in the visual arts program are also supporting the initiative by providing work for exhibition. "We're grateful to the Fishers' Loft for its support of this collaborative endeavour."

Two of the students whose art is on display, April White of Nova Scotia and Jonathon Weale of Zimbabwe, recently spent a weekend hanging their own and their classmates' pieces in the conference centre.

They were excited about the opportunity to have a wider exposure for their art.
"This is a beautiful, bright room, and a perfect place to display our work," said Ms. White.

Mr. Fisher said he'd like this arrangement to continue next year, hopefully with the sale of the students' work to visitors to the Fishers' Loft and Conference Centre and art from next year's fourth-year students taking its place in the conference centre.