Please Enter a Search Term upgrade will enable institutional collaboration

By Rebecca Cohoe

Memorial's online engagement tool,, will soon be expanded to allow for greater collaboration between Memorial, College of the North Atlantic (CNA) and other rural and urban-based institutions and organizations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. has a variety of uses related to making the work and expertise of students, faculty and staff at Memorial more accessible. Along with showcasing research, teaching and engagement projects, also lets individuals and organizations outside Memorial suggest research ideas, called opportunities, that could benefit from Memorial expertise.

According to Jennifer Adams Warburton, the Harris Centre's lead, the new development will allow users from outside Memorial and CNA to submit research and expertise to be accessed by organizations, communities and individuals across the province.

"We recognize there is a tremendous wealth of knowledge in this province, but it can be difficult to recognize and access," explained Ms. Adams Warburton. "This new development will help provide a bridge between our educational institutions and the individuals and organizations of Newfoundland and Labrador."

Collaboration between Memorial and CNA is nothing new — with its 17 campuses, CNA is a major force in the province, and there are numerous examples of strong collaborations between CNA and Memorial. The new development will support even greater partnerships and help make the most of the diversity offered at both institutions.

"The expansion and application of the platform to include College of the North Atlantic builds on the already strong relationship we enjoy with Memorial University," said Ann Marie Vaughan, president of CNA. "Our institutions conduct millions of dollars' worth of research each year, much of it in support of industry and community. Having an easy-to-use, online tool that allows innovators, research seekers and idea generators in our province to connect with the college and university will expand the breadth and depth of Yaffle – something that will benefit many people in the province."

"We have a strong relationship with College of the North Atlantic and it's getting stronger with this recent initiative," said Dr. Gary Kachanoski. "We each have a role to play, but with improved collaboration we will be better able to transfer technology, research and innovation — innovation that is happening throughout the province in communities large and small. We hope great things will come from Yaffle's enhanced ability to bring people and ideas together."