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As of April 19, I completed all the requirements of a business degree and an arts minor. And while I cannot officially say that I have a degree until late May, I am rather impressed with myself. At this important point in my life, I feel many things. While I prepare to enter the working world, I know there are some things I will miss from my university experience. There are things I feel I missed out on — several opportunities I neglected to take advantage of. With that being said, I had many great experiences during my five years at MUN. I have taken on challenges that have allowed me to grow, prepared me for the working world and fostered a desire for ongoing learning.

With a focus on my interests and what I suspected to be my skills, I chose a degree program that I greatly enjoyed. As a marketing student, I am satisfied with a high degree of interest in my upcoming career path as well as the variety of opportunities which are available to me as a career. I am also very glad to have focused my learning by taking on a minor from the Faculty of Arts. I enjoyed running for student council and getting to know the people in my class. I am also happy to have taken on a number of MUCEP jobs with the university.

With my time back, however, I would have taken on more MUCEP positions. The experiences gained through these positions and the connections I made have made me wish that I took a MUCEP job during each eligible semester of my degree. Similarly, I see now that I should have gotten more involved in the university and community at an earlier stage. I could have seen even more benefit from the sports and extracurricular activities in which I take part, had I started earlier.

Despite my desired advice to my former self, I am very pleased with my career at Memorial University. I have made some great choices. Some of the decisions I made during my five-year program involved ambition and risk. I think a university education is absolutely a give-and-take endeavour. If you want to get more from it, you need to put more into it. My experience has been a very positive one. It involved a lot of hard work – more than the required amount in many instances. But I was always sure to keep myself grounded. I have always kept my priorities straight, minimized my stress and allowed time for focusing on the important people in my life.

I think an ambitious nature and a grounded attitude will prime you for success in anything you encounter. Whether you are headed into the real world or another academic semester, I hope you keep your head on straight and keep moving forward. That's where I'll be.

Megan Denty is a recent graduate of the Faculty of Business. She can be reached at