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Dean invited to be guest editor of World Psychiatry

By Laura Woodford

Dr. Alean Al-Krenawi, dean of the School of Social Work, has been invited to be a guest editor of World Psychiatry, the official journal of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA).

The WPA editorial board consists of members from the U.S., U.K., Italy, Turkey, Japan, Egypt and Venezuela. The advisory board also includes members from Brazil, Australia, Austria, Hong Kong-China, Chile, Spain, Morocco, Denmark, Kenya, India, Switzerland, Greece and Israel.

An association of national psychiatric societies, the WPA's aim is to increase the knowledge and skills necessary for work in the field of mental health and the care of the mentally ill. The association is currently comprised of 135 member societies, spanning 117 different countries and representing more than 200,000 psychiatrists. Its aim is disseminating information and promoting collaborative work in specific domains of psychiatry.

Well known for his research on polygamy, Dr. Al-Krenawi will be the guest editor for an upcoming special issue of World Psychiatry about polygamy from an international perspective.

The special issue is among the first to address the phenomena of polygamy from interdisciplinary perspectives such as anthropology, sociology, social work, psychiatry, law, economics and political science. The goal of this scholarly work is to address the practice of polygamy in a comprehensive way and conduct rigorous research by covering major geographical regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Canada and the United States. It is hoped the issue will raise the awareness of scholars, educators, mental health practitioners and policy makers to the phenomena of polygamy and its positive and negative implications. It will also serve as a voice of members who live in polygamous families internationally.