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New Dean's Doctoral Award recognizes academic and research excellence

(L-R) Steve Lawlor and Dr. Noreen Golfman of the School of Graduate Studies.

By Ashley Forristall

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has announced a new award for students interested in pursuing doctoral studies at Memorial University. The Dean's Doctoral Award is a fellowship valued at $5,000 per year (in addition to other funding) and is renewable for up to four years. It is open to new students intending to enrol in PhD programs in arts or science beginning in the fall of 2012.

The new award was created with the purpose of increasing PhD enrolment and financial support, in keeping with the strategic goals of the university.

"The Dean's Doctoral Award is an enticing incentive for prospective doctoral students," said Dr. Noreen Golfman, dean, SGS. "We are pleased to provide highly qualified students with the opportunity to receive additional funding to complete their programs and expand their research capabilities."

All applications submitted to Memorial's doctoral programs for the fall semester are automatically considered for this award through a competitive process. Selection will be based on three specific criteria: academic excellence, research potential and personal achievements. Departments should indicate their intentions to recommend a student for the award at the time of admission.

"The award provides faculty members with the flexibility to leverage existing funding sources significantly within their departments," said Steve Lawlor, manager of fellowships and awards, SGS. "It will provide Memorial with a competitive edge in the recruitment of elite doctoral students."

The School of Graduate Studies hopes to award approximately 20-30 Dean's Doctoral Award fellowships this year.

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