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Apple to collect and recycle electronic waste

Angela McLoughlin wants you to collect your e-waste for an upcoming recycling event.

By Emilie Bourque Whittle

Apple Inc. is coming to Memorial to collect and recycle St. John's e-waste.

While they've hosted similar events at American universities in the past, it is the first time Apple will partner with a Canadian university to collect old keyboards, monitors, televisions, microwaves, cell phones and any other unwanted electronics otherwise destined for landfills.

The event is not just for the Memorial community – it's for the region as a whole. The public is invited to join in the electronic purge.

So why choose Memorial? It's due in large part to the efforts of Memorial's Computing and Communications (C&C) team.

The initiative began last year when Graham Mowbray, director of C&C, attended the Canadian Higher Education IT conference in Hamilton, Ont. During the conference, Apple representatives presented on a recycling program they offer in the U.S. They also mentioned they were considering offering the program in Canada. Mr. Mowbray contacted Apple following the conference and expressed interest in participating.

"C&C is delighted to be offered the opportunity to host this event," said Angela McLoughlin, project manager at C&C. "We are hoping the event will be successful in raising awareness of environmental issues and helping to drive some good behaviour in our region. With the growing concern of contaminating our landfills, we expect a large number of participants."

How it works: Memorial will provide the drop-off venue and Apple will provide staff to collect and recycle the e-waste, including transport trucks for storage and transportation.

Apple will transport the collected items to Sims Recycling Solutions, a well-known, reputable recycling facility located in Mississauga, Ont. Find more at

According to the company's website, Sims Recycling Solutions states that some e-waste "can be refurbished and re-distributed, re-sold or dismantled for component recovery or recycling" while other types, "such as televisions and business equipment" that have reached the end of their life can be recycled "to extract ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastic, glass and rubber for secondary processing and, in turn, manufacturing."

Ms. McLoughlin said Facilities Management is now storing e-waste collected through the university's surplus procedure so that it can be provided to Apple for recycling. She says now is a great time for the Memorial community to take the opportunity to clean up their areas. Call 709-864-4310 if you require a surplus property form. Once the approved surplus form is returned to Facilities Management, arrangements will be made to remove the equipment.

C&C will post updated information including exact dates and a drop-off location on its website once details have been finalized.