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Alumni elect new members to the Board of Regents

By David Penney

The election of alumni representatives to Memorial's Board of Regents was finalized on Aug. 4, with five new representatives and one incumbent taking the six available positions.

Rex Gibbons returns for another term on the board, while James Hickey, Pegi Earle, Luke Pike, Kimberly Keating and George Tucker will begin their first term. The six successful representatives received the most votes of the 34 candidates on the ballot in an election that saw the highest voter response to date with 8,622 votes cast.

Memorial University President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Gary Kachanoski commented on the candidates and the voter response to this election.

"I am very pleased that so many candidates put their name forward in this election, and the successful representatives reflect the wide demographic range that constitutes our alumni body. I know this group will bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to the board, and that is extremely important," he said. "I am also very encouraged by the response we've seen from our alumni during the voting process.

"Our alumni are interested in what's happening at Memorial and are eager to contribute. That speaks volumes to the value they place on staying connected to our university."

Dr. Kachanoski went on to extend his appreciation to the outgoing board members.

"Our outgoing members have dedicated themselves to Memorial's success over the last three years. Their contribution to the board has been significant and we are grateful for their efforts on behalf of our university."

The Board of Regents is responsible for the management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of Memorial University. The entire board is comprised of 30 members, with six of those positions soon to be occupied by the newly elected alumni representatives.

Bob Simmonds is the Chair of the Board of Regents and he was enthusiastic about the future of the board and what it means for Memorial and for the province.

"One of the things that sets Memorial apart from many other institutions in Canada is the close relationship we have with our province. Serving on the Board of Regents provides an opportunity to make a contribution not only to our university but also to Newfoundland and Labrador," he said. "It is one of the things that inspires us as members of the Board of Regents and this new group of representatives are well positioned to contribute to that progress. There are exciting times ahead for Memorial and Newfoundland and Labrador."

Alumni representatives on Memorial's Board of Regents serve for a three-year term that begins on September 1, 2011. For a detailed breakdown of votes received for all candidates in the 2011 election, please visit


Margaret (Pegi) Earle, BN'77
Ms. Earle is executive director of the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador. She works to advance nursing standards on provincial, national and international levels, and was integral in leading the progression of nursing education from diploma to baccalaureate in the province. A University of Toronto master's graduate, she regularly contributes to Memorial as a proud Memorial University School of Nursing alumna.

Rex (Vincent) Gibbons, BA(Ed.)'67, B.Sc.'67, M.Sc.'69
Dr. Gibbons is a three-time Memorial graduate and holds a PhD from the California Institute of Technology. He worked with the provincial Department of Mines and Energy for over a decade before entering politics. An MHA from 1989 to 1997, he also served as provincial minister of Mines and Energy. Dr. Gibbons has previously served two terms on the Board of Regents, most recently from 2008-2011.

James Paul Hickey, B.Sc.'85, B.Med.Sci.'90, MD'92
Dr. Hickey is a three-time Memorial graduate. He completed his MD in 1992 and began practicing at Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital in Stephenville. He currently works as a general practitioner and Occupational Medicine Physician with the Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Commission. Dr. Hickey served on the Board of the NLMA and is a dedicated volunteer. He resides in St. John's with his wife Michelle and their four children.

Kimberly A. Keating, B.Eng.'98
Ms. Keating has 15 years experience in the oil industry. She is Suncor Energy's engineering and technology team leader and holds a bachelor of engineering from Memorial and an MBA from Athabasca University. She is a director with the St. John's Board of Trade, a past president of WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) and advisor to MUN's Engineering Faculty.

Luke R.G. Pike, B.Sc.(Hons.)'07
Dr. Pike received a joint honours degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry (B.Sc.) at Memorial in 2007, winning the gold medal in chemistry. A Newfoundland Rhodes Scholar, he completed a D.Phil. in Medical Oncology at Oxford. During this time, Dr. Pike represented Newfoundland and Canada as a competitive powerlifter. In September, he begins studies in clinical medicine at Yale.

George Robert Tucker, BA'78, B.Ed.'78, M.Ed.'80
Mr. Tucker has been an educator in NL for 31 years, working in a variety of teaching and administrative positions. He is a past-president of the Canadian Association of Principals. Currently he is an administrative staff officer
in the Professional Development Division of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association.