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Madonna Jean King
Madonna King, a retiree from the Ocean Sciences Centre, passed away July 31, 2011. She retired from the Ocean Science Centre in 2008 after working with the OSC for 37 years.

Donald C. Meiwald
Don Meiwald, a staff member at Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook, passed away Aug. 3, 2011. He joined the staff at Grenfell in 1985 and worked in media production and photography.

E. Baxter Noftall
Baxter Noftall, a retiree from Facilities Management, passed peacefully away on Aug. 5, 2011, aged 74 years.

Dr. Harrison Hedley Way
Dr. Harrison Hedley Way, a retired faculty member from the Faculty of Education, passed away at James Paton Memorial Hospital in Gander on July 16, 2011.