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Rose takes the helm

Senior researcher named editor-in-chief of prestigious journal

Dr. George Rose has been appointed editor-in-chief of Fisheries Research.


By Darcy MacRae

Dr. George Rose, scientific director at Marine Institute's Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research, is one of the pre-eminent fisheries science researchers in the world and his work is highly respected by professionals in industry, government and academia.

Just recently, Dr. Rose was appointed editor-in-chief of Fisheries Research, an international journal on fisheries science, fishing technology and fisheries management. Fisheries Research is known as one of the most influential international journals focusing on fisheries science.

“I believe very strongly in this publication and I look forward to helping increase the importance of the journal in world fisheries,” Dr. Rose said. “The journal publishes papers on a wide spectrum of fisheries topics, including the social and economic sciences, but its trademark is a nuts-and-bolts, how-to-do-it approach to fisheries science."

Dr. Rose was appointed editor-in-chief in December 2010 after working closely with Fisheries Research for close to a decade. In the past he has served as a contributor, reviewer and a member of the publication’s editorial board. Dr. Rose said his familiarity with Fisheries Research will serve him well in his new role.

“It’s one of the key journals for practising fisheries scientists,” Dr. Rose said. “With the increasing importance of sustainable fisheries and the recognition that science is the only way to achieve such fisheries, this publication will play a key role in the coming years.”

Fisheries Research attracts contributions from many eminent international fishery scientists each year and is broadly read by respected leaders in this field, Dr. Rose added. As editor-in-chief, he will be responsible for the content and quality of the journal.

“The approach we take draws many hundreds of submissions each year from around the world. The resultant publications are then read around the world,” said Dr. Rose.

In addition to his role as scientific director at the Marine Institute’s Centre for Fisheries Ecosystem Research, Dr. Rose is also a professor of biology at the institute and is widely known for authoring Cod: The Ecological History of the North Atlantic Fisheries.

Published in 2006, the book takes a close-up and revealing look at the collapse of the North Atlantic cod stocks.