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New video highlights Faculty of Medicine

A video showcasing Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine had a high profile at the 2010 Canadian Conference on Global Health, held in Ottawa in November. The video was shown on Global Health TV on plasma screens throughout the venue and screened on a dedicated channel in the delegate hotel.

The video, which can be viewed at offers a profile of Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine. By focusing on the unique needs and opportunities of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Faculty of Medicine has become expert at educating physicians for rural practice and doing multi-professional collaborative research that integrates biomedical, clinical and applied health research in targeted areas including genetics and genomics.

The video features two case studies. One, filmed in Goose Bay, Labrador, explores the Northern Family Medicine Education Program (NorFam), through which family medicine residents can spend seven months of their two-year residency in the north. This part of the video includes interviews with Dr. Michael Jong, Dr. Robert Forsey, and two NorFam residents.

The video also includes a case study featuring molecular geneticist Dr. Terry-Lynn Young, whose team discovered the gene for “sudden cardiac death.” Clinical epidemiologist Dr. Kathy Hodgkinson explains how years of family studies provide the background for eventual molecular genetic breakthroughs. Dr. Young’s laboratory is involved in numerous genetic studies of genetic diseases found in Newfoundland’s unique “founder population” including deafness and hearing loss, breast and ovarian cancer, the genetic epidemiology of pediatric epilepsy, and hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer.

The video about Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine was produced by WebsEdge, a British-based online broadcasting company.