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Dr. Tyna Doyle

Discipline of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine

As a developmental pediatrician, Dr. Tyna Doyle divides her time working in child development and in rehabilitation. In the area of child development, she works with children who have developmental and behavioural difficulties including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Tourette’s syndrome and learning disabilities. In rehabilitation, she assesses children with physical disabilities including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, brain injury and neuromuscular disease.

Dr. Doyle earned her MD at Memorial in 2002 and did her pediatric residency at Memorial from 2002-06. She was a developmental pediatric subspecialty resident at the University of Alberta from 2007-10.

Dr. Doyle has taken on responsibility for co-ordinating the development component of Memorial’s pediatric residency program, with an average of one resident per month rotating through this specialty.

In terms of research, Dr. Doyle is finishing up a project looking at children with cognitive disabilities and participation. “Other research has focused on physical disabilities and limitation to participation; my theory is that the cognitive disabilities are being overlooked.”

Dr. Doyle’s future research plans include autism and cerebral palsy.


Dr. Assem Hassan

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

New to Newfoundland and Labrador and to Memorial University, Dr. Assem Hassan is excited about teaching his students about the materials of construction as an assistant professor of engineering.

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Dr. Hassan moved to the province in August 2010 when he started with the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. And despite the challenge of finding a home here for his family to settle into, he’s enjoying St. John’s and his new position.

“Finding a house was difficult but I am enjoying living in St. John’s. The people here seem very kind, warm and welcoming. I’m especially excited about my position here at Memorial. It will give me an opportunity to start my own research and to have new students to work with,” he explained.

Dr. Hassan is a registered professional engineer in Ontario. He earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in civil engineering from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. In 2000, he moved to Canada to pursue graduate studies and to be part of the Canadian skilled educated workforce. He completed a M.A.Sc. and PhD in civil engineering from Ryerson University, in 2003 and 2008 respectively.

Dr. Hassan’s research activities and publications deal with the rheological, mechanical and durability properties of self consolidating concrete (SCC), highlighting the areas of shear, bond and corrosion of the reinforcing bars in concrete.


Dr. Jennifer O’Dea

Discipline of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Jennifer O’Dea is the newest member of the growing Discipline of Pediatrics in the Faculty of Medicine. She joins the faculty with experience in general pediatrics, emergency follow up clinic, the Cerebral Palsy Clinic, the Spina Bifida Clinic and the Neuromotor Clinic. She also performs call coverage for general pediatrics and child protection.

Dr. O’Dea earned her MD at Memorial University in 1996 and did her pediatrics residency at Memorial. She has worked as a general pediatrician and the Janeway Children’s Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre since July 2000. She is a member of the Child Protection Team and the Admissions Committee of the Faculty of Medicine. She is also a leader of one of two in-patient teams at the Janeway, and the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) physician co-ordinator for the Janeway’s RSV program.

Dr. O’Dea said she has a strong commitment to teaching, providing academic half day sessions for clinical clerks and clinical clerk oral exams throughout the year. She is also team leader for in-patient pediatrics and holds regular teaching sessions with clinical clerks and pediatric residents.


Dr. John Martin

Discipline of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. John Martin (Class of 2004) has joined the Faculty of Medicine as an assistant professor of pediatrics. He also holds an appointment with Eastern Health as an emergency room physician at the Janeway Children’s Health Centre.

Dr. Martin has taken on the responsibility of clerkship chair for pediatrics. In addition, his general responsibilities include teaching medical students and residents about pediatric emergency room issues; assisting in developing and presenting formal academic component of the resident physicians; and assessing and managing a variety of emergency room conditions.

After completing his MD, Dr. Martin did his postgraduate pediatric residency training at Memorial. He also holds a bachelor of business administration from the University of New Brunswick and a B.Sc. (joint advanced majors in biology and chemistry) from St. Francis Xavier University.

During his residency, Dr. Martin served as president of the Professional Association of Internes and Residents of Newfoundland (PAIRN) from July 2005 to July 2007, and as secretary the previous year. He was the lead negotiator for the Association Management Committee, responsible for leading negotiations with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for a new collective agreement for PAIRN members, negotiating a strategic alliance with the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association and Initiating a comprehensive review of PAIRN services and operations.

He was an author on the paper published in 2008 in BMC Research Notes titled The happy docs study: a Canadian Association of Internes and Residents well-being survey examining resident physician satisfaction within and outside of residency training in Canada?


Dr. Milorad Nikolic

Department of Classics, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Milorad Nikolic is a new addition to the classics department in the Faculty of Arts. He taught previously at the University of Winnipeg and was the Crake Fellow at Mount Allison. Dr. Nikolic received his PhD from the University of Victoria in B.C.

His research interests include ancient technology and technical literature, specifically Ancient Greek and Roman water-supply systems. Most recently, Dr. Nikolic has focused his work on the northern Roman frontier and the use of camels in the Roman army.

He is currently teaching Roman Civilization, Roman Art and Architecture, and Latin and hopes to eventually organize a travel course to observe Roman remains along the Rhine River in Germany.

“I feel very well taken care of at MUN. My colleagues are very nice and welcoming, and the administrators have been very helpful. I was also very pleasantly surprised by the library holdings at Memorial. In terms of my research, I am hoping to hook up with people at the Marine Institute regarding hydraulic engineering and flow visualization in ancient aqueducts.”