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News and Notes

  • AACR Gertrude B. Elion Cancer Research Award
  • NOIA's 2011 Outstanding Contribution Awards
  • 2011 KRESCENT Competition-Request for Applications
  • NSERC-JSPS Invitation Fellowships
  • NSERC- JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships

Imminent Deadlines

January 25
American Institute for Cancer Research
- Investigator Initiated Grants
- Post-Doctoral Grant Awards
- Matching Grants

January 28
Canadian Institute of Health Research
- Synapse Award

February 1
Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation
- Grants for Alcohol Research

Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
- Summer Studentships

Canadian Diabetes Association
- Personnel Awards Competition
- Operating Grants

Canadian Institute of Health Research
- Operating Grants (registrations)

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
- Dissertation Fellowships

Memorial University, Office of Research
- Salary-based Research Grants Program (re-designation of salary)

February 2
National Multiple Sclerosis Society (US)
- Research Grants

February 5
National Institutes of Health (US)
- New Research Grants

February 9
American Asthma Foundation
- Early Excellence Award
- Senior Investigator Award

February 10
Memorial - ISER
- Joint Appointment Fellowship
- ISER Books Post-Doctoral Fellowship
- Post-Doctoral Fellowship
- Doctoral Fellowship
- Research Associate Fellowship

February 14
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
- Research Grants Program

February 15
Baillie Fund
- Student Research Award

Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange
- Conference/Seminar/Workshop Grants
- Publication Subsidies

- Strategic Grant Programme (application)

Memorial University, Office of Research
- SSHRC / Vice-President’s Research Grants

Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council
- Sustaining Program for Professional Arts Organizations

February 16
Canadian Blood Services
- Summer Internship Program

February 18
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation / Atlantic Chapter
- Research Grant Program

Canadian Foundation for Aids Research
- Research Grants