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Papers and Presentations

Dr. Julian M. Dust, Grenfell Campus Chemistry, coauthored a poster presented at the 38th annual Physical Organic Chemistry Mini-symposium (POMS) held at University of Guelph Nov. 12-14, 2010. A full report of the work has just now appeared in the Journal of Physical Chemistry under the title Spirooxazine to merooxazine interconversion in the presence and absence of zinc: Approach to a bistable photochemical switch. The other authors of the article are Zhiyuan Tian, Thomas M. Kraft, Nicholas Mosey and Erwin Buncel, all of Queen’s University Chemistry, and Robert A. Stairs, Trent University Chemistry.

Dr. Gerald Pocius, University Research Professor, Department of Folklore, gave the Edward D. Ives Memorial Lecture at the University of Maine on Oct. 31, in their series on Humanities and Place. Dr. Pocius’s talk, titled Contesting the Commemoration of Place: Restoration and Replication in a Newfoundland Townscape, discussed commemorative activities on the Bonavista Peninsula over the last thirty years.

Dr. Sevtap Savas from Disciplines of Genetics and Oncology, Faculty of
Medicine, presented her work performed in collaboration with Angela Hyde, Jing
Wang, Susan Stuckless, Dr. Yanqing Yi, Dr. William Pollett, Dr. Roger Green, Dr. Patrick Parfrey, and Dr. Ban Younghusband entitled TagSNPs of the hypoxia
inducible factor 1á gene and their relation with clinicopathological features,
recurrence, metastasis, and survival in colorectal cancer patients from
Newfoundland, Canada at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR)
special conference on Colorectal Cancer: Biology to Therapy, held between
Oct. 7-30, 2010, Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Jean M. Snook was invited to read from her translations at the University of Waterloo on Oct. 21, and received the Arts in Academics Award for German on Oct. 22, when the University of Waterloo celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Faculty of Arts.