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Smoking policy to be revised

In the wake of recent calls for a smoking ban on Memorial’s campuses, one of the advocates for the cause recently met with the university’s director of the Department of Health and Safety Sheila Miller to discuss the matter.

Ms. Miller and Dr. David Saltman, a professor of oncology at Memorial’s medical school and a vocal opponent of smoking, sat down together on Oct. 28. “Dr. Saltman and I had a very productive meeting,” said Ms. Miller. “We were able to put our heads together and find common ground to begin a consultative process, that serves everyone who studies and works at our university.

“The concept of moving smoking away from the entrances to designated areas is a great start at controlling exposure to second-hand smoke.”

She said Memorial has started the process outlined in the university’s policy framework to revise the existing smoking policy. This process is consultative in nature and engages the university community, she added.

“Although I believe Memorial will eventually go smoke-free, Ms. Miller and I have arrived at a very good compromise,” said Dr. Saltman.

Further updates will be issued as the policy framework process continues, she said.