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News and Notes

  • Hearth and Stroke Foundation/ CIHR Population Health Intervention Research (Fall 2010 Competition)
  • SSHRC Research/Creation Grants in Fine Arts Competition
  • SickKids Foundation New Investigator Research Grants


Nov. 15
Rethink Breast Cancer
- Research Grant Programs (letter of intent)

Nov. 19
Alzheimer’s Association
- Research Grants Program (letter of intent)

Nov. 30
Rethink Breast Cancer
- Career Development Awards (letter of intent)

December 1
Canadian Council for the Arts
- Molson Prize

Canadian Diabetes Association
- Operating Grant Competition

Deafness Research Foundation
- Research Grants (letter of Intent – renewal second year application)

Imperial Oil Limited
- University Research Awards

James McKeen Cattell Fund
- Sabbatical Award

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
- Priority Research grants (letter of intent - starting Sept 1 - Dec 1 deadline)

Manning Awards Foundation
- Manning Innovation Awards

Royal Society of Canada
- McNeil Medal for the Public Awareness of Science

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research Inc.
- Conference and Workshop Grants
- International Collaborative Research Grants

December 8
Deafness Research Foundation
- Research Grants (letter of intent – first year application)

December 15
The Arthritis Society
- Geoff Carr Lupus Fellowship

Baillie Fund
- Regular Grants Program

Canadian Race Relations Foundation
- Award of Excellence (deadline for nominations)