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Students helping students

By Catherine Burgess

Students seeking tutorials in a selection of courses offered at Memorial University this semester will be given the opportunity to do so while supporting a new volunteer initiative.

Students Offering Support (SOS), a national charity established in 11 universities across Canada, now has a chapter at Memorial. Through volunteer efforts, the program aims to raise money to improve the quality of education for children in developing countries by boosting the grades of Canadian university students.

“Student volunteers offer tutoring sessions for various courses and the people who attend pay a donation,” said Katie Guiney, co-president of SOS at Memorial. “All the money raised goes toward building schools for children in Latin America. It’s a really great cause and to date ... across Canada since 2005 ... they’ve raised over $340,000.”

Math 1000, Business 2401, and Introduction to Accounting are the course tutorials that will be offered this semester for a $20 donation. For now, the initiative will begin by instructing courses that students find challenging that may not already have tutorials offered, and Ms. Guiney said she would like to see the program expand into other faculties.

She said Memorial’s goal is to raise between $5,000 and $10,000 in the SOS program’s first year. At the end of the year, the program’s volunteers will travel to a country in Latin America to take part in the building of a school.

“[The goal is] to help [students] improve their marks or focus on areas they’re having trouble with and then raise money for a cause that I really believe in, and I think a lot [of people] will see the value in it,” said Ms. Guiney.

For students who wish to learn more about the SOS initiative at Memorial, they can visit the program’s website at to find out how they can get involved.