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Henrietta Harvey lecturer to discuss GIS research

Dr. Nigel Waters, a distinguished scholar from George Mason University, will deliver the Henrietta Harvey Lecture at Memorial University on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

Dr. Waters is an internationally renowned geographer and the Director of the Centre of Excellence for Geographic Information Science at George Mason University in Virginia. In his lecture, Dr. Waters will discuss Geographic Information Systems (GIS) research and why it is important for both the university and the general public.

Dr. Waters said that almost every academic department in the university can make use of geographic information. Archaeologists use GIS software to produce site maps; biologists use GIS to examine species distributions and habitat use; and doctors use GIS to look at the spread of disease and disease distributions and to locate medical facilities so as to reach the greatest number of patients.

GIS is hugely important in our daily lives as we navigate in our cars along roads that our governments manage with GIS software. GIS is also used by all emergency services including police, firefighters and emergency medical services.

Dr. Waters’ lecture, “GIS Research: Why is it important to the University and to the Public?” will start at 7 p.m. in room 2001 of the Inco Innovation Centre. Free parking will be available in lot 15B and a reception will follow the lecture.