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Six days and counting

With classes beginning in T-minus six days, an article published with new students in mind would certainly not go awry.

I am sure we can all remember our first week of post-secondary school and how intimidating it was. For kids who are used to the security and familiarity of their high school, being thrust into university life can be totally overwhelming, especially if there’s no older sibling or friend to show them the ropes. Universities understand this and do the best they can to make the shift to undergrad studies easy. Whether students take advantage of this assistance is in essence the determining factor in how swiftly students can make an easy university transition.

As the first-born child in my family, I was on my own when it came to becoming familiar with Memorial. I had chosen to skip student orientation save for the campus tour, (which, in all honesty, only heightened my confusion), as pep rallies and meet-and-greet games were really not my thing.

Was it unwise to skip it? Perhaps not. Each student has his or her own way of making the university adjustment, and in the long run, I doubt I missed anything at orientation that I didn’t end up learning shortly after. My method for adjustment to university included much reliance on Answers,, and friends who seemed to have this innate understanding of campus life.

The former two are easily some of the best sources for information about the university. With a name like Answers, it is easily recognizable as a place that will help with everything from locker sales and student I.D. cards, to the how to- and the where to-, to the frantic “Can I borrow a stapler for my assignment that needs to be submitted in 5 minutes.” And of course the university website is chock-full of information for the curious student. The university library website even has a page detailing “Ten tips for library success,” outlining the various steps one should take to become familiar with the facilities.

For new students, there are services everywhere at the university that will make their education transition easy. Even with the university’s plethora of subjects, huge classes and sprawling campus, the thought of walking onto the campus on Sept. 8 doesn’t have to be quite so daunting with student services such as Answers and some savvy classmates to help one another.

The only thing they may not be able to help with is getting from the Education to Engineering Building in 10 minutes.