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Get oriented

This year Orientation 2010 takes place Sept. 6-7 on the St. John’s campus. Student events will take place during the two-day period while orientation for parents will take place on Sept. 6.

This year’s theme is Get Launched, a playful reference to Memorial’s official motto Provehito in Altum (Launch forth into the deep).

New student Orientation will kick off on Monday, Sept. 6, with a welcome lunch in the University Centre’s Breezeway bar, followed by welcoming ceremonies in the Field House. The event marks the first time Memorial’s new president, Dr. Gary Kachanoski – as well as the new dean of Student Affairs and Services Dr. Robert Shea – will have the opportunity to welcome almost 2,000 new students to the St. John’s campus.

Tuesday, Sept. 7, marks day two of new student orientation. As opposed to structured programming of past years, students will be offered a “drop in” day for sorting out new student necessities. The University Centre will feature checkpoints that will allow for easy access to campus cards, lockers and information regarding student health plans and services available through Student Affairs and Services. Students will also have a chance to meet their new dean Dr. Shea.

“We hope to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety new students may feel before the start of classes by allowing them to get some of these ‘To Do’ items out of the way,” said Amy Butt, manager of Answers at Student Affairs and Services. “This will also allow students to attend various faculty/school orientations simultaneously taking place on that day and we have been working with faculties, departments and schools to make sure we are all complementing each others’ welcome and orientation events.”

Both Dr. Kachanoski and Dr. Shea will address parents on Monday, Sept. 6. As well, the event will include a panel of various Student Affairs and Services representatives to inform parents about the many services available to students. In addition, a parent fair will take place highlighting various services available across the St. John’s campus.
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