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Papers and Presentations

Dr. Walter Okshevsky, Faculty of Education/Department of Philosophy; Scott Johnston, Faculty of Education, Queens University; Chris Martin, School of Medicine/Faculty of Education; and Darron Kelly, doctoral student, Faculty of Education, were co-presenters on a panel discussion Recent Developments in Interpretations of Kant's Moral Theory and Implications for Moral Education at the annual conference of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society (Canadian Society for Studies in Education/Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences), University of New Brunswick/St. Thomas University, Fredericton, N.B. May 30, 2011.

Dr. Christopher Martin, Medical Education Scholarship Centre, is author of the following papers: T.M. Scanlon on Moral Permissibility and Meaning: Implications for Moral Pluralism in Moral Education. Ethical Perspectives (18), no. 1(2011): p. 53-78; The Good, the Worthwhile, and the Obligatory: On the Moral Universalism of R.S. Peters' Conception of Education. Journal of Philosophy of Education. 43 (S1) (2010) p. 143-160. He is a co-editor and contributor to Re-Reading R.S. Peters Analysis, Ethics, and the Aims of Education (2011), published by London: Wiley Blackwell. He made the following presentations as a guest speaker. Liberal Philosophy of Education: Reconstructing a Lost Tradition in Medical Education? Possibilities for Future Reform and Research in Medical Education. Social Sciences Perspectives on Health Professions Education: An International Perspective, held at the Wilson Centre, University of Toronto, May 2011. Communicative Ethics and Medical Education: What Values Should Inform Education in Effective Communication with Patients? Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME), Toronto, May 2011. Medical Education in a New Century: A Philosophical Discussion and Critique of an Orthodox Educational Ideal. Symposium Session. Philosophy of Education Society Great Britain. New College, Oxford, April 2011. What About Applied Liberal Education? The Case of the Humanities in Medical Education, Philosophy of Education Society Annual Conference, St. Louis, USA, March 2011. John Rawls and All Purpose Means: It Does a Body Good? Memorial University of Newfoundland Philosophy Colloquium Series, March 1, 2011. Education without Moral Worth? Kantian Moral Theory and the Obligation to Educate Others. Canadian Philosophy of Education Society (CPES), 2011 Congress of the Humanities, Fredericton, Canada, May 2011. Universities at the crossroads: how should we respond to the current changes in higher education? Symposium Session. Philosophy of Education Society Great Britain. New College, Oxford, April 2011. Dr. Martin also recently received the Faculty of Arts postdoctoral fellowship, which will involve a research partnership between medicine and arts.