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Governor General celebrates student innovation

Governor General David Johnston had a first-hand look at student innovation during a recent visit.


The Governor General visited Memorial University's St. John's campus on June 24 and took part in a celebration of student innovation, hosted by Student Affairs and Services, and Memorial University's Students' Union.

During his opening statements, David Johnston remarked that "it's wonderful to see a university that encourages this kind of innovative activity," and continued on to emphasize that social innovation is just as important as technological innovation, and that we should strive as a country to be leaders in both.

After being welcomed by an excerpt from a play produced by MUN students, and performances by students from the School of Music and MUN Moves, the Governor General had an opportunity to address the audience and, obviously impressed, began by asking if admissions to the university for the fall semester were still open.

He spoke of the importance of critical thinking in bringing about innovation, recounting stories of his own experience which challenged him to use critical judgement, and offered this advice "question your assumptions when you answer a question, and ask what kind of evidence you brought to bear on that particular proposition and should you look at it from another angle, that's critical thinking."

The event showcased projects that students have undertaken with assistance from the Student Innovation Fund, from building award winning rally cars, to winning international business competitions, to aiding in relief efforts throughout the world, and more. Among the groups participating were SIFE Memorial, the School of Music, Science Matters, The School of Social Work, Memorial Baha, Engineers Without Borders, and RADHOC.

The Student Innovation Fund, a partnership between the Department of Student Affairs and Services and MUNSU, provides funding to Memorial University students to assist in various projects and initiatives.