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Memorial wins $25,000 in multimedia equipment at EduComm 2011

From left: Rashid Skaf, and Michael Peveler, AMX; Todd Constantine and Ed Hipditch, Memorial; Michael Olinger, AMX; and Dann Kinneman, ProMedia Group.


By Heidi Wicks

Memorial University's Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support's (DELTS) classroom support team received the AMX Innovation Award at EduComm conference this week in Orlando, Florida.

The team at DELTS submitted the redesign plans for an existing 250-seat main lecture theatre in Memorial's Faculty of Medicine. The new theatre will contain state-of-the-art, multimedia rich equipment that will ensure an engaging and innovative environment for professors and students.

AMX manufactures equipment to create and enhance technology-friendly classrooms on environmentally friendly campuses. DELTS has been using AMX automation and control systems for over 15 years, and when the School of Medicine approached the unit to redesign their main lecture theatre, the challenge was to replace older analog equipment with newer, more complex and advanced 16x10 digital technology.

Ed Hipditch (manager of classroom technology, DELTS) and electronic technologist Todd Constantine (DELTS) accepted the award.

Mr. Hipditch said the lecture theatre's makeover will allow futuristic yet simplistic lecture presentations.

"The new equipment allows the flexibility for a complex multimedia room, but one that's user-friendly to instructors," he said. "When they realize how seamless it is, they'll want to use the equipment to enrich their teaching. It's complex to install, but easy to use."

DELTS' classroom support division has redesigned and refurbished just over 200 classrooms, boardrooms and seminar rooms across campus. The unit is also responsible for multimedia maintenance in these rooms.

Whether it's a classroom with 30 seats and just a Smartboard, or a large-scale lecture theatre with 300 seats and all the bells and whistles, classroom support at DELTS has serviced units from the schools of medicine, pharmacy and nursing, to Spencer Hall, to Queen's College to the department of history.

Associate Director Rob Wells is delighted that classroom support is being recognized for their constant dedication to their work across campus.
"The opportunity for DELTS to work creatively with faculties and schools at Memorial to create learning spaces that provide our students and faculty with memorable learning experiences is central to who we are in the unit," he said. "A partnership here with the Faculty of Medicine is evidence of the talent in DELTS."
As a result of this most recent win for DELTS, the unit has received a $25,000 credit for AMX equipment, which will be used to expand the facilities within Memorial, to continue the development of state-of-the-art learning spaces. Memorial will also be featured in the September issue of University Business magazine.