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Papers and Presentations

Dr. Luise Hermanutz, Biology, as part of the Labrador Highlands Research Group, was invited to present at the Mountain Ecology: Climate Change and Challenges in High-altitude Ecosystems symposium at the Canadian Society of Ecology & Evolution (CSEE) held at the Banff Centre May 13-15. She presented an overview of her group's research on treeline change in the Mealy Mountains titled: Is the East Really different? Treeline change in eastern Canadian Mountain habitats. The research presented encompassed the project outcomes of her graduate students Andrew Trant (PhD candidate), Ryan Jameson (MSc student), Britt Cranston (MSc), Julia Wheeler (MSc) and Anne Munier (MSc) and was funded through International Polar Year - PPS Arctic Canada, part of a global research network funded by the Government of Canada IPY, investigating treeline change around the world.

Dr. Christopher Kovacs, Faculty of Medicine, is author of a chapter titled Fetus, Neonate and Infant in the textbook Vitamin D, 3rd edition, edited by Feldman, Pike, and Adams and published by Elsevier Press, 2011. A research paper from Dr. Kovac's lab, titled Skeletal Recovery After Weaning Does Not Require PTHrP was published in the June 2011 issue of Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Vol 26, pp 1242-1251. Co-authors include Beth Kirby from Dr. Kovac's lab, Natalie Sims from University of Melbourne, Andrew Karaplis from McGill, and Laleh Ardeshirpour and John Wysolmerski from Yale.

Colleen Quigley, manuscripts librarian (Performing Arts Collection), Archives and Special Collections, presented at the Performance Studies International Conference Camillo 2.0 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, May 29, 2011. Ms. Quigley's paper is titled Mechanized Memory? Exploring the tangibility of technology, performing arts and archives.

Prof. Keith Nicol was invited to give a presentation at the Annual Canadian Avalanche Association meetings in Penticton, B.C., on May 5, 2011. The title of his presentation was The Winter Weather of 2011 and Awareness Activities and Occurrences in Western Newfoundland. Prof. Nicol received a grant from Canadian Avalanche Foundation (CAF) to create online avalanche awareness maps and to do awareness clinics with school groups and search and rescue groups through the winter of 2011. He teaches at Grenfell Campus in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. He has also received a grant for $15,000 from the Centre of Environmental Excellence to map avalanche runouts in parts of the Lewis Hills and North Arm Mountains.

Researchers from the Dept. of Biology held a NL Pollinator Workshop on April 27 on MUN-St. John's campus focussed on using native pollinators in farmed berry crops, as part of CANPOLIN, a NSERC-funded strategic network. Researchers, growers and government representatives attended to hear researchers give presentation on bee diversity and pollination. Biology graduate student Margie Wilkes gave an overview of her thesis research on Newfoundland native pollinators of blueberries. The latter half of the day was devoted to a roundtable discussion on grower's needs and best farming practices. The meeting was generously supported by the Newfoundland government, Memorial University and CANPOLIN.

Dr. Glenn Sheppard, Faculty of Education (retired), gave two presentations at the recent Annual Conference of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) held in Ottawa, May 17-20. He chaired a national panel presentation entitled Labour Mobility and the Statutory Regulation of Counselling in Canada. Dr. Sheppard is co-chair of the National Project Working Group addressing the related issues of statutory regulation and the labour mobility commitments of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). In this capacity he has co-chaired three national symposia dealing with the two topics of this panel presentation. The work of the Working Group is funded by Human Resources and Skill Development Canada and sponsored by CCPA. Dr. Sheppard also conducted a Seminar on Counselling Ethics with Dr. Lynda Younghusband. She is a Counsellor at MUN Counselling Centre and is Chair of the National Ethics Committee of CCPA.