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Memorial adopts new emergency management plans

Memorial University's Emergency Management Steering Committee approved a new all-hazards emergency management plan for both the Grenfell and the St. John's campuses April 20. The Board of Regents also approved the Emergency Management Policy on May 19 and the new plans will come into effect in January 2012. Similar emergency plans will be written for the Marine Institute and the Harlow Campus.

"The plans for the St. Johns and Grenfell campuses address potential hazards, each of which will have their own 'threat specific' functional sub-plan," said Karen Alexander, emergency management co-ordinator with Memorial. Ms. Alexander led university-wide planning groups and co-ordinated the development of these new plans.

The Office of Emergency Management, supported by an emergency marketing and communications strategy, will begin educating the university community on the plan's objectives, individual roles and responsibilities and how the university personnel should be prepared.

"These new campus plans are based on four emergency management principles: preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery," Ms. Alexander said. "Emergency planning has a wider scope today than simply how to respond to an emergency. We are emphasizing this wider approach, one that encourages all employees and students to be more aware, to be proactive and to make plans in advance of adverse events."

Ms. Alexander said the training her office is undertaking will be interactive, engaging and will focus on the functional task completed by specific units and what may be needed when and if your office is impacted by a specific threat.

During the coming months, educational sessions will be organized with academic and administrative units at both the St. John's campus and the Grenfell Campus. As well, all emergency information will be accessible on mobile devices via Memorial's new mobile website,, in mid-June. For more information, please see or call 709-864-7661 or 709-864-7544.